"It was literally a blank canvas for us all, with no players, no equipment, no training venue when I first joined. 

"We were doing our initial meetings and planning at Sydney's Star City Casino. 

"I think we had eight signed players and another handful of trialists from all over the world at our first session, the gym was a 200 sqm office space with no equipment. 

"With a minuscule Sports Science budget, I lent on a few contacts at Universities to borrow some GPS units and HR straps to at least track a few of the players initially. 

"It was fascinating times and such a rewarding experience. 

"Fast forward three years and to have won a Premiership, made two Grand Finals appearances, and won the 2014 Asian Champions League."

An extraordinary feat in any sport. And as Waterson learned, culture was key. 

"You can't win anything without a talented, hard-working playing roster and a coaching staff which drives the standards day in day out," Waterson, also known as "Ads", explains. 

"I’ve no doubt the early success at Wanderers was due to the exceptional culture that the staff was able to build and the players buying into this and working their nuts off for each every single session. 

"We had leaders at training that would give others a kick up the ass if the intensity wasn’t good enough and that’s what it takes at this level. 

"The fitness team is only a small part of the whole process but having this ongoing success using my fitness training philosophies gave me the belief and more drive which has led me to implement similar philosophies in programs at FC Seoul and now LA Galaxy.”

Waterson is now into his third season with LA Galaxy as the club’s strength and conditioning head. 

Galaxy, the club of Beckham, Zlatan, Keane, Lampard, and Gerrard is MLS royalty. 

In fact, the MLS itself is a booming league with growing global respect largely due to a strong vision, huge grassroots popularity, and bold plans allied to savvy financial planning. 

Life is slowly edging back to normality in the US, a country sadly reeling from terrible COVID-19 statistics. 

LA Galaxy allowed Waterson and its players to commence a cut-down training program as of last Thursday, with four players per pitch only. 

No interacting, so it has been largely fitness work for LA Galaxy's stars, which include former Manchester United and Mexico striker “Chicharito” Hernandez. 

It’s understood this may continue for another couple of weeks before smaller group sessions and full team training is back at LA Galaxy. 

Though with much of life on Planet Earth, nobody is quite sure when. 



"Not sure when exactly that will be in the current landscape but we are headed in the right direction at least," adds Waterson. 

"How the MLS season will look is anyone’s guess but there are talks currently about a satellite tournament with all teams in Orlando." 

This sounds similar to the A-League with a “hub” idea mooted for all teams to complete the remainder of the 19/20 season around August this year. 

LA Galaxy's Aussie was back at BankWest Stadium in Parramatta at Christmas, watching former club Wanderers face Alessandro Diamanti’s Western United. It ended 1-1. 

"I always enjoy getting back home in the MLS offseason, it lines up nicely with the congested schedule around Christmas time in the A-League. 

"I still have many great friendships with players and staff throughout the league, especially at the Wanderers, so it was great to catch up with JT [CEO John Tsatsimas] and Labi [assistant coach and former Wanderers players Labinot Haliti] that night. 

"The new stadium is brilliant, not a bad seat in the house!