Glory only completed their final game last Thursday in a 4-0 drubbing by Newcastle Jets, but have immediately swung into rebuilding mode as interim coach Ian Ferguson told youngsters Anthony Skorich, Brent Griffiths and Howard Fondyke, along with veteran defender Naum Sekulovski, that they would not be at the club next season.

Perth have now offloaded 10 players from the squad that started 2010-11, with those four joining Aleks Vrteski, Michael Baird, Andy Todd, Tando Velaphi, Jamie Harnwell and Andrija Jukic.

Glory have also made three appointments so far, bringing in goalkeeper Danny Vukovic (Wellington) and defenders Evan Berger (Victory) and Dean Heffernan (Heart).

Gold Coast striker Shane Smeltz is also reportedly in the mix to become the club's next marquee player, while Adelaide skipper Travis Dodd is apparently close to signing on the dotted line as well.

And negotiations are also continuing for Robbie Fowler who reportedly met club owner Tony Sage in Thailand to discuss a role as a part-time coach to go with some playing commitments.

But having seen Perth recruit a similarly star-studded squad under then coach Mitchell at the start of this season, only to finish second last, Despotovski believes the current football director may not be the best man to help Ferguson with this rebuilding phase.

"At the end of the day, I've never been coached by David Mitchell and I can't say that his coaching of a WA side is spot on," Despotovski said.

"I can only judge him by the results and the results haven't been there and how the hell he gets another year extension and works for the club is beyond me.

"It can only happen in Australian football that you're on the bottom of the league, you spend up to four million dollars to assemble the squad and you are second bottom."

"We bought a squad (with four million dollars) which is a good amount, we tried to do something and all of a sudden we went from (a crowd of) 16,000 (in Round 1) down to 5500 on the weekend. Not only that, we lose nine in a row.

"If I'm the owner of the club or general manager or CEO, or deputy chairman, I would be asking these questions."

Mitchell, however, believes Despotovski does not have the qualifications to make such comments about the recruiting.

"Does he know that I was not in charge for all these comments that he has made?" Mitchell said. "I never came second bottom. I never lost nine games in a row.

"Fact, I was the first coach to get (Perth) into the finals. Fact I have my coaching licence. Fact, I have won the championship as top of the League with Sydney United. Fact, I have won coach of the year.

"Fact I have brought through players such as Matt Thompson, Adam Kwasnik, Brett Holman, Danny Vukovic, Ahmed Elrich, Liam Reddy, Mile Sterjovski, Jacob Burns, and others I still haven't mentioned."

"Is Bobby the answer? He has not even got his coaching licence."