The Swede has signed an 18-month contract with the Dubai based team, who are managed by ex-Italy goalkeeper Walter Zenga.

The former England manager recently turned down the chance to become a coach at German second division side 1860 Munich.

"It's very interesting, the ambition of the club, of the board, of the owners, of the club is very good. I look forward to it," he said.

"It's a long-term job and of course if you want to change things in football, it's not done overnight. You need time in football and the last two days I've started to look at training, youth teams, the senior team, the reserve team so I think it's very good.

"The conditions they have here - they have a nice stadium, they have a nice training ground, good dressing rooms - so everything is in place."

Eriksson will also help make decisions on potential transfers to the club, which is something he is looking forward to doing.

"Well I am part of the technical committee and that committee together with the manager of the club, will take decisions about that (player transfers)," he added.

"I think it works well here like it does in all other countries in the world, the coaches come in with suggestions and it is up to the committee to decide if that's the right thing to do. It's about quality, but also money of course.

"Yes it was an option in Germany, but I chose this option, so here we are."