The restrictions, which come into effect at midnight tonight, will outlaw any football in the lockdown postcodes, and stop locals who live within them travelling to play football in unaffected areas.

Victorian health authorities announced 74 new diagnoses of COVID-19 on Wednesday, up from 64 on Tuesday, as various State Governments around the country moved to limit travel to and from the state. 

"FV’s intention is to continue to run competitions where possible - within part of a geographic footprint if required - where clubs are unaffected by this announcement," the federation said in a statement posted on their website last night.

"Guidance to all clubs, participants and stakeholders will be provided as quickly as possible, once further clarity has been established as to how this affects our Return to Play plan.

"We will continue to liaise with Sport and Recreation Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services to obtain the latest information." 

Boy's junior NPL football had been slated to return in the nation's second-largest Member Federation this weekend, with junior girl's NPL and community juniors targeted to resume the weekend after and senior competition's earmarked for the weekend of July 25 and 26.