Galekovic - 7

Didn’t make any notable mistakes and was let down by a lacklustre team-defensive effort by City.

Scott Jamieson - 6

Touched the ball 121 times throughout the match, the most of any City player. However was unable to provide any moments of quality for the City forwards to latch on to.

Harrison Delbridge - 8

Used his strength and pace to good effect. Prevented three Roar goals in the second half, including a smart headed clearance off the line in the 72nd minute.

Bart Schenkeveld - 8

Despite the dynamic Roar attack, Schenkeveld proved once-again why he is one of the best centre-backs in the league, showing explosive acceleration and immense strength on the ball.

Ritchie de Laet - 7

Looked frustrated by the inability of his teammates to link-up in attack. Was very far off the form he showed against Victory in the Melbourne Derby.