“We have to be very efficient with our processes and modes of delivery for them to assimilate,” he added. 

“Time is the number one prohibitor. And resources.

“But as a staff we decided this wouldn’t interfere with our ambition. We want to be the best football department in the country.

"And if that means doing it the hard way and putting the hours in, that’s what we’ll do.”

In the short-term Cahn’s goal is to do the best for Olympic FC in 2019. However, at 31 he can see all the possibilities the world game could bring.

“I’m very ambitious. I’ve known for some years that I want to be a head coach at the highest level possible.

“I 100% believe in my ability with people, and ability to manage a football environment and succeed in the A-League and beyond.

"And everything I do will be working towards that.”



If you look. And I mean really look,  coaches like Cahn are out there. 

They are the future. 

Call it the 30-something Oz coach club: Arthur Papas (now an assistant under Ange Postecoglou in the J-League), Shaun Ontong (assistant coach in the ISL with six years coaching on his CV), Ruben Zadkovich (new to the game and now head coach of championship winners Broadmeadow Magic in his first season) plus Ben Cahn. 

Australia simply must take advantage of the knowledge of these youthful coaches’ expertise in the coming years.

Cahn is completing his pro licence in South Korea this year. 

After that, there'll be no stopping him.

A diamond is in our NPL midst. A-League clubs need to start tracking his career. Now. A 31-year-old coach with over 13 years coaching experience who is coaching full-time “all day every day”.

“It would be a dream come true to one day coach against Paul Clement on the big stage,” concluded Cahn.

For the moment, though, he is coaching in Australia’s second tier NPL. But he’s one to watch.

Thank you, Paul Clement.