Matthew Ridenton – 5

Didn’t manage to catch the eye with any of his play, which was the underlying reason in why the midfielder was substituted in the 60th minute.

Goran Paracki – 6

More sloppy defending on the first goal. The Croatian worked hard in the midfield to try and rectify the situation his side was in, to no avail. 

Dario Vidosic – 6

A well taken goal was able to shine a light on fairly dull performance.

Michael McGlinchey – 5.5

Couldn’t hold the ball in his possession and find his teammates in any attacking positions during the game. Managed to get an assist and keep his side in the game with a great ball that found Dario Vidosic’s head.

Roy Krishna – 5

Let his frustration out towards the end of the game, having difficulty to keep the ball at his feet and find a path to goal.

Andrija Kaluderovic – 6.5

Like Vidosic, the striker couldn’t get into the game with the ball stuck in his side’s defensive half. A sweet strike into the side netting was able to brighten up what was another dull input.


Ali Abbas – 5

Entered the Sydney pitch to a very warm welcome in front of the fans who used to sing his name, but was unable to make an impact. Late on, a poor offside call denied the Iraqi flyer the chance to bring his side level.

Adam Parkhouse – 5.5

The winger found it hard to maintain any consistency with his crossing, missing a few chances to deliver a good ball to any of his teammates even though he brought a spark of confidence onto the ground.

Hamish Watson – N/A

Came on too late to make an impact.