Castro’s dispute with Glory is threatening to get ugly after the Spaniard didn't play in post COVID19 games, opting instead to stay in Western Australia. There have been social media posts suggesting the dispute could go as far as FIFA.
"I have never interfered in football matters, you can ask all my previous coaches," stated a clearly annoyed Sage. "That's the job of the Football Director and Head Coach.
"The PFA and FFA came to an agreement on salaries for the hub not the clubs, and each club had to inform the playing group of the new player payments for the hub and get them to sign off.
"In our case Popa and Jacob Burns, our football director, interviewed each player individually and got them to sign off on the paperwork.
"Our captain, Castro, was last on the list and was thought to be the easiest as he was the leader.
"After two minutes he threw the contract at both Burns and Popa. Tony Pignata also tried to chat to him. It was beneath him to play for less than his contract despite 99% of  A-League players signing. The players did not like his attitude or decision either so Popa asked him not to train and he did not. He then went on a holiday and now he is trying to defend his position and presumably sue the club.
"At no stage in this whole process was I ever involved. Never spoke or communicated with him. The whole team, staff and coaches were shocked. That is the true story, so to say there was friction between me and him is a total lie."
The saga is a sad state of affairs for Glory, where Castro has been a fan favourite since his debut in 2015. He signed a two year contract extension in April 2019.