Lawrence Thomas - 7

Could have been caught off his line by Jamie Maclaren, but apart from that he did little wrong – nearly got to the J-Mac’s penalty as well, he’s had so many near-penalty saves this season.

Leigh Broxham - 7

A strong performance after Victory copped Niedermeier’s red card, on hand to clear every 50-50.

Corey Brown - 6

While he was outplayed by Shayon Harrison, most Victory defenders were. He did stand tall a couple of times, and he is a little underrated…just a little.

Thomas Deng - 6

Not a strong performance, left for dead a few times including a couple of embarrassing misjudged balls. To be fair, however, he’s right up there with the best from corners. Marshalled Ritchie de Laet to perfection.

Georg Niedermeier - 3

The less said about Victory’s own BFG the better. That’s not Big Friendly Giant either…

Raúl Baena - 6

Couple of stupid, rash errors after Luke Brattan appeared to get under his skin.

Keisuke Honda - 6

He was good in the sense that he has a sense of urgency, he passes and moves, he’s classy, but he wasn’t particularly effective for large spells.